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Product Description:

      An independent and reliable power source can be realized by using solar powered energy. A solar panel absorbs energy from sunlight and converts it to usable electricity (DC voltage). Thus, a solar powered water pump system can used to replace water pumps which solely rely on grid-connected power. The solar powered water pump system will include components in order to make use of the solar energy more efficiently. Additionally, the system will monitor parameters such as voltage, current, power, water-flow rate, and RPM of water pump. The data from these parameters will be collected & processed by various sensors paired with a micro-controller then transmitted wirelessly to a computer which will continuously logs incoming data.


      In developing countries like Ethiopia and India, rural areas are still heavily populated. People there have trouble obtaining water, especially for the purposes of irrigation due to the large amount of water required. To solve this we wanted to develop a water pump system for wells that could do this for them. However, about 1.5 billion people, a fifth of the world’s population is without access to electricity. In India, only about 55 percent of households in rural areas have access to electricity so we had to find a practical way to power our system that is cost efficient, reliable and environmentally friendly.

Solution: OUR Solar Powered Water Pump!

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